Saturday, December 16, 2006

Three boys, two generations, one theme...

I thought it was too cool when I found Thomas and Braden matching pajama pants a while back. But there was only one thing missing....Bryson didn't have any! I couldn't have him left out, now could I? So I searched high and low for baby Spongebob PJ pants with none to be found. Luckily, I have a talented mother who can sew just about anything, so she was nice enough to whip up a pair for the little guy.
Are they not the cutest bunch?? Seriously, I am one lucky girl!

Friday, December 15, 2006

The Tooth

I was surprised to learn a couple of nights ago that Braden has a loose tooth! As a matter of fact, BOTH the bottom ones are wiggly. This called for something special! My good friend Nichole had her oldest lose his first one just last week and when we were talking about it, I commented that we'd probably have that happen in a few months! Little did I know how quickly it would happen. So I was inspired by her project to make a little something of my own! Only a few more days until toothless pictures! I can't wait!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Look at these cuties!

Here is the boys' Christmas photo. Braden had school pictures and they said Bryson could be in them too! Turned out pretty good I thought. (sigh) I used to have time to do the portraits myself, and had been struggling to make time for a while so I finally gave up and let someone else do them.

So much going on lately. Mostly been trying to take care of 2 sick boys for the past 3 weeks. It's been rough. From croup and a double ear infection to viruses, dehydration and a flu -like thing! I am SICK of this already (no pun intended!)

Gearing up for Christmas. I'll tell you what....I think it means your old when neither you or your spouse can even figure out what you want for Christmas. I used to think my parents were CRAZY when they wouldn't exchange gifts or just do something really small. They always say "Oh, the funnest part is watching you kids get stuff" and I was like "What the...?????? You have GOT to be kidding!" You know what? They were right. I can't wait to see my boys' faces in just 13 days!

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