Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A HUGE day in my little boy's life...

On Friday April 4th, Braden decided to get baptized!!

It's not like something we'd really been talking about recently either. He had asked me questions about it several times before, and the last time we talked about it (a couple of months ago), I told him not to worry about it right now that he'd know when it was the right time. I know how his mind works, and I bet he'd been thinking about it ever since. So when he told me he was ready to do it, my first instinct was that he is too young, but then after talking to him, he really seemed to "get it" and understand why he wanted/needed to do it. It still amazes me that he could comprehend and decide something this important at such a young age...something that takes some people half of their life to decide! (His dad and I were both 25!) And yet another reason why I am super proud of this boy!

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