Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My basket runneth over...

Sometimes I need to remind myself that those little things that tend to get on my nerves right now will be the little things that I will really miss later.

Take this basket, for instance. This is my basket of all things Braden. He has a little desk here in my office (which he refers to as HIS office) where he makes me approximately 542 things every day! So I made this as a place to put it all. In this basket, you will find every sort of "gift" you could think of.....Many envelopes with little notes, stickers, homemade puppets, workbook pages. He's really starting to get the hang of sounding out words and he writes a LOT nowdays. My favorites are the little pieces of paper with "MOM" and hearts to decorate as his little token of love. Sometimes I just look at this overflowing basket underneath my desk and sigh in frustration as it can get completely out of control, pieces falling here and there. And I think to myself "I really need to clean this out!" But then I just can't bring myself to do it. Besides the fact that he checks it periodically to see if it's all still there, it's a nice little reminder for me. One of these days, my little boy will be too busy for such things.

So I took this picture to help me remember this sweet gesture. But right now, all I have to do is look at this huge stack of notes to be reminded of how much one little boy loves me!


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mjb coffee said...

Well said!!!!!!!!!!! They grow up so very, very fast!!! It is fun to see the world from the young ones' point of view.

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