Friday, September 16, 2005

My baby's first day.....

of school!!!

Ok, so it's NOT Kindergarten, but it was definitely a big deal! We have decided to Homeschool and Monday was Braden's very first day of Preschool Co-op. It's just one day a week and lasts from 9 to 12:30. I had a TERRIBLE time leaving him...he had a blast! He cried when we had to leave. At home, he is learning his letters and how to write his name. He's very interested in how to spell things. And I usually spend most of the day answering questions about one thing or another. I'm so proud of my smart little boy!

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Nancy said...

I knew you would have pictures. I was hoping that you took some AT the co-op when you dropped him off. Could ya do that sometime for me? I'm always so busy with getting our day started that I don't "take the time" to take pictures.

I kind of felt especially sentimental because Jon is probably our last little one and I guess he's the only one that's been in an activity like that away from me at this age. Oh, he had a great time though! I've just got to get pictures!!!

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