Saturday, September 03, 2005

A close call?

This is the view from our back deck on Tuesday. A freak storm that hit the night before the Hurricane Katrina storm was to get to us caused major flooding. This photo is not the water at it's peak! A couple of hours after that, it covered the road and we were literally trapped in our neighborhood! We were actually afraid that it might get up high enough to get to our house. We were just not sure what to expect at this point...after all, we thought this itself was impossible. After a LOT of praying that night, we woke up the next morning to find the water receded drastically! It's definitely an event I won't soon forget! I'm just glad we aren't dealing with what is going on in New Orleans at the moment. We have a lot of blessings in our lives and this makes me quite mindful of them.



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