Saturday, November 12, 2005

Welcome to the "Good Ship Potty!"

Oh boy.....You know how it is when your kid's been playing quietly a bit too long and you think you ought to go and check on him, but you don't? I had just mentioned to Thomas that he was being awfully quiet and he said " Oh...He's just playing in his ROOM!" No sooner had that been said, Braden comes running into the room whispering something. All I could catch was ..."Come look at what I made and DON'T TELL MOMMY!" They both go in there and Braden exclaims "IT'S MY POTTY SHIP!" Half a roll of toilet paper, I tell ya. And thank goodness it was just carefully balanced across the top and not inside. Oh yes...Quite the builder he is.
If there is ever an award for "toilet art", he's got it in the bag!


1 comment:

nancy said...

Ok, I am NOT showing Jon this entry. I'm just not so sure that his potty art wouldn't somehow or another end up causing a flood in the bathroom. Your boy is a mess. Too funny!

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