Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Christmas to us!

We got a nice little early Christmas surprise when my ultrasound was scheduled for yesterday. We had to be there at 8AM and that was no problem because I had been up since 4 excited about it all! The photo above is a profile of the baby's case you couldn't tell. Those things are tricky to look at! And my instincts were right. They told me it was definitely a BOY! Of course I really wanted a girl, but I am still happy! Braden, however, is not too thrilled about it. He had his heart set on a sister and has told me he's not happy about this "brother" thing. Oh well, I suppose he'll just have to get used to it, right?

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Nancy said...

Congratulations Melissa! I think you need to explain exactly *where* the profile of your little one is though. I never can see what I'm supposed to on those ultrasounds!

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