Friday, July 06, 2007

Paisley, bags and other birthday stuff...

Have I ever mentioned how talented my mom is??

Just look what she made me for my birthday! My obsessions with paisley and bags run a tight race...but put them together and WOW! I squealed so loud when I saw it, that I scared Bryson to death! Mom had been searching for the perfect paisley fabric for a while and this definitely qualifies. She'd bought a set of designs for her embroidery machine with this in mind. Can't know me for 33 years and not know what I like, I guess. Absolutely LOVE it, Mom!

In other birthday news, my friend Mary took me to lunch yesterday at The Looking Glass Cafe .

It's one of my favorite places to go for the atmosphere AND the dessert is to die for! Plus the scrapbook store is right next door, so that's a plus too! And get this.....I went alone in no kids. TOTAL rarity. Thomas was off and stayed home with them. I almost don't know how to act when I'm not trying to coral 2 little wild dudes. The peace makes it hard to think.

Hey, and just for fun, because I never get a chance to do a project, much less post one, here is my latest scrapbook page:

It's all about simple around here! And speaking of simple, if you are any kind of scrapbooker and haven't checked out Rebecca Cooper's new book, it is an absolute MUST! Totally in love with this book right now. It is exactly what I have been needing to get me out of my rut! DO yourself a favor and go get it!!


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