Friday, June 23, 2006

For Sanity's Sake

How often do you think this happens and how long will it last? BOTH of my boys are asleep! Bryson was already napping and Braden was watching TV when I slipped away to have a few moments to myself. When I went back to take a peek at the baby this is what I found: Two sweet boys sound asleep. Now, don't panic...It's just the angle that I had to take the photo that makes it look like the baby can't breathe! He has plenty of room. The blanket just got sort of bunched up on that side and I was afraid if I attempted to move it, he'd wake up and I'd lose the whole photo-op.

Aren't they the sweetest? Now these are the moments I live for!


1 comment:

Nichole said...

What a unique photo! Just love it!

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