Thursday, June 29, 2006


Feeling incredibly lucky this morning to have my sweety. Sometimes, it just hits you, ya know? My neck is out of whack and my back has been hurting and he gave me a 30 minute massage this morning before he went to work! Is that not awesome??? That got me thinking about all the little things he does every day and just how lucky I am to have him. So here's a little tribute of random things I love about him. Here's to you, baby!

- He almost always wakes up to do the 2AM diaper change before I feed the baby.
- He's in better shape than most 35 year olds I know. (I like to call him my eye candy...wink wink)
- He shares my love of shopping.
- He supports my scrapbooking obsession.
- He's funny and fun to be around.
- I think he's a great Dad
- He makes me coffee every Saturday morning.
- He tells me he loves me every day.

I'm sure I could list hundreds more, but I'll spare ya.
You're the best, T....And I love you!


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