Thursday, June 08, 2006

My 2 boys

Aren't they sweet? It's been more than 3 weeks now and Braden is STILL unbelievably good with Bryson. He goes to him every time he cries and tries to do whatever he can for him. I must admit, I was expecting at least a LITTLE bit of jealousy by now, but nope...Nothing but love from this big brother!

Trying not to think about it too much, but Bryson does have an appointment next Tuesday to have his heart checked for a murmur that the Dr. heard. I'm hoping that it's long gone when they check, but we'll see, I guess. He's growing like crazy. Seems like he changes every day. He smiles at me every once in a while when I talk to him...I live for those moments! Caught a half one on the camera...Barely.

Isn't that the sweetest face?


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